Fleet Transportation


Battery Brain is an intelligent solution for fleet transportation managers and can be programmed to accommodate individual customer requirement.

Using micro-electronic technology and patented software, Battery Brain continuously monitors battery, power, health and temperature. By monitoring the ambient temperature, Battery Brain takes corrective action to compensate the decrease of battery performance due to cold temperatures.

Battery Brain has a robust design and has been built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of heat, vibration, corrosiveness, moisture and even water penetration.

Eliminate the Risk
of Battery Failure

Battery failure can have negative and even devastating effects within the transportation industry. In mission critical applications, such as first responder units, it can be the difference between life and death.

Battery Brain provides a cost-effective solution which continuously monitors your batteries health, automatically disconnecting the battery before it drops below the restart charge level. This conserves battery power, ensuring the battery is always at a sufficient level to start the vehicle, eliminating jumpstarting and recovery costs. This eliminates the risk to your business of service disruption and reputational damage, which are the outcome of battery failure.

Improve your
Fleet Security

Battery Brain’s anti-theft feature provides you with an added sense of security. When the vehicle is vacant, you can disconnect the battery, leaving the vehicle without any electrical power.


Battery Brain is available for 12-volt and 24-volt systems and can be easily installed to any battery. Our patented technology comes with fully programable software, as well as customisable installation accessories.

Battery Brain is suitable for:

  • All road transport vehicles (perishable and frozen goods)
  • Public and private transportation (buses and taxis)
  • First responders (police, ambulance, fire)
  • Tractors, RV’s and motorcycles
  • Boats and jetski’s

Delivering a Return
on Investment

The financial benefits of Battery Brain are significant, with reductions in battery replacements, unsuccessful battery warranty claims, service and maintenance costs, vehicle recovery and downtime, and customer contract penalties.