What is the Battery Brain?
The Battery Brain is an electronic battery monitoring system designed to constantly monitor battery voltage over time.
How does the Battery Brain work?

Battery Brain sends out a pulse every two seconds to the car battery that senses the voltage level. When the level falls below what is needed to start the engine, the patented microprocessor activates its single moving part (a solenoid) and isolates the battery from the electrical circuit to preserve the charge you will need to start the engine.

What types of vehicles does the Battery Brain work on?

Battery Brain works on virtually any vehicle using a battery; custom or classic cars, lorries, vans , SUVs, busses, coaches and boats. Almost any vehicle can benefit from the protection of the Battery Brain.

How do you reconnect the battery to the electrical system?

Depending on what model you have there are several different ways to reconnect to the electrical system.
The Battery Brain T3 has the manual reconnect option and a remote control to reconnect and disconnect. Since you are able to disconnect the unit it can be used as an anti-theft device.
Once you leave your vehicle simply press the disconnect button and it can’t be hotwired or stolen.
The  Battery Brain T4 has a manual reconnect option and a wired push button reconnect and disconnect option. The wired push button micro switch can be mounted anywhere you choose.
The Battery Brain T4  is specifically made to protect 12v RV (recreational vehicles) or coach batteries. Since it may not be responsible for starting a vehicle the charge protected is at a threshold of 10.5V. It avoids the discharge and recharge cycles that can significantly reduce battery life.

How do I install the Battery Brain?

Installing the Battery Brain is easy for anyone with a basic working knowledge of their vehicle. If you are not familiar working on your vehicle you may want to contact a qualified technician. All models come complete with a mounting hardware accessory kit and full installation instructions.

When does the Battery Brain disconnect my battery?

The Battery Brain will disconnect your battery automatically if it detects the battery voltage has fallen below 11.8V (for the 12V units) and below 23.7V (for the 24V units), continuously for 30 seconds. This will allow you enough charge to start your motor. Battery Brain is responsible for preventing the deep cycling of your battery which will prematurely end the battery’s life.

Do I have to reset everything in my vehicle if the Battery Brain disconnects the battery?

No, all Battery Brain models have the ability to preserve memories and preset options (e.g. – Clock and radio etc.) Simply attach the “accessory bypass” wire from the battery monitor unit to the appropriate fuse in the fuse box.

Will the Battery Brain model disconnect if my vehicle is running?

No, you must install the supplied “black engine on” wire for most Battery Brain models. This will ensure that Battery Brain does not disconnect while the engine is running. We also supply vibration sensors to simplify this process. We are continuing updates to always improve this product, please click here to find out more. Black engine on wire will no longer be supplied on newer models.

How does the vibration sensor work?

The vibration sensor can be used in place of the engine on wire to detect if the vehicle’s engine is running. Vibrations caused by normal vehicle operation are converted into a positive 12v signal which prevents the Battery Brain from operating.

Do you offer a warranty on Battery Brain?

Yes, we offer a two year limited warranty on every model.

Does the Battery Brain impact the environment?

Yes it does in a positive way by preventing the premature death of your vehicle battery. Battery Brain also reduces environmental impact by reducing the number of disposed batteries in landfills.

What is the power of consumption of the Battery Brain?

Operating Temp is – 60F to 257F
Base: 1 5/8” (4cm), Height: 2 ½” (6cm).
Weight: 175gm, (total package weight 408 gm, 1Ib).
Normal operation current consumption
is – 0 mA – 3.8 mA

Will it work on a multiple batteries?

Yes, provided the battery does not exceed 1,100 Amps. Please see the website for the multi-battery configuration as shortly we will introducing specifications high amperage. We also have a Heavy Duty battery that runs at up to 2,000 Amps.

Is Battery Brain available for vehicles with 24v electrical systems?
Yes. All Battery Brain Models are available in a 12V version and some models do have 24V versions.
What would happen if you hit the disconnect button while driving?
Nothing. The Battery Brain “engine on” battery monitor circuit disables the Battery Brain from functioning while it is in operation.
How do you know the Battery Brain is functioning properly?
If you feel there is a fault, please refer to your owner’s manual for information on the fault diagnosis procedures.
How do you integrate the Battery Brain into Aftermarket Security System?

Aftermarket accessories such as vehicle security system can be connected directly to the input side of the Battery Brain, allowing them to operate regardless of the conditions of the battery. However, the aftermarket alarm is often the cause of the battery drain.

Does Battery Brain have to mounted directly on the battery?

No, the Battery Brain installation kit provides chasis mounting hardware in the event the Battery Brain needs to be mounted in a remote location. Such as on the firewall or in the trunk (additional hardware maybe required).

What are other application the Battery Brain can be used for?
The Battery Brain can be used on any application where protecting the battery is required.
How does it extend the life of the battery?

Every time a battery is completely discharged, it loses some of its reserve capacity to hold a charge. Since the Battery Brain disconnects  before it discharges your battery, it can extend the life of the battery.

Can I jump start my battery while the Battery Brain is installed?
Yes. Prior to jumpstarting the vehicle turn your Battery Brain to the off position. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for jumpstarting the Battery Brain as normal.
What type of batteries does Battery Brain work with?
Battery Brain works on all automotive batteries including lead-acid, spiral celled batteries and Gel-celled batteries.
Before installing the Battery Brain is there anything I need to do?

The Battery Brain is designed to be installed on a new or nearly new battery. If you are unsure of the condition of your battery, please have it tested and replaced before installing the Battery Brain.

What tools are required for installation?
Battery Brain can be installed using standard handheld vehicle maintenance tools. If in doubt please consult an experienced technician to assist you.