Battery Brain

Battery Brain connects to any lead-acid or lithium ION batteries continually monitoring its charge. It is designed to work on all types of vehicles, including light and heavy trucks, commercial cars and buses. It can also be incorporated with generators, which are vital in supplying electrical power in developing countries, such as South Africa.

Battery Brain was developed by an electrical and mechanical engineer in 1996. It is well established in the USA, and can be found in the New Jersey police force fleet. There are over 100,000 units in operation today.

Battery Brain connects to your vehicle or generators battery, and continually monitors its charge. When the charge drops below a minimum level to start, Battery Brain disconnects the battery, ensuring it will always have enough charge to start the vehicle or generator.Battery Brain is a superior option to a Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) as it can handle a much higher load.

Battery Brain has a number of advantages for vehicle and generator applications:


  • Sense of security that your vehicles will always start
  • Improve your fleet security and avoid vehicle theft
  • Extend the life of your battery
  • Avoid unnecessary costs, such as service and maintenance costs, vehicle recovery and downtime, and customer contract penalties


  • Protect your business from the threat of power outages
  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Avoid business disruptions and reputational damage caused by power outages
  • Prevent the loss of data

M&M Qualtech are responsible for the sales and distribution of Battery Brain in EMEA. Battery Brain is available from our headquarters in Ireland, and through our network of partners across Europe, Middle East and Africa. To learn more about becoming a Battery Brain distributor, click here.